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"My Home Is Perfect..."
                                     ...you think?

    Most homes today are in ok shape but typically have a few hidden items of concern. These items may be very minor such as a missing anti-siphon device or broken roof tiles. But many times these things can be very serious repair issues such as a safety issue - fire hazard or improper drainage contributing to structural problems in your home. Many items you may not see or even consider, but should definitely be addressed. A professional residential inspection can help you avoid costly repairs down the road, repairs that may have started out as a minor issue but grew into a major problem.

    Whether you are a buyer, seller or “New Home” homeowner, a professional home inspection can ultimately save you money.

You’re a Seller
tell me more
  • Get your home ready to sell.
  • Give real value and certainty to your sales price.
  • Avoid delays in the close of your escrow.
 You’re a Buyer tell me more
  • Be informed about your purchase.
  • Have the seller take care of repairs… or…
  • Negotiate a better sales price on your home.
  • Know exactly what you are buying, inside and out.
 You’re a “New Home” Homeowner tell me more
  • New Home Warranty about to expire?
  • Find those hidden items of concern.
  • Make sure your check list is complete.
  • Avoid paying for the repairs that your
    builder should take care of.
  Your report will be clear and concise with pictures and easily understood language.  You will be provided vital information about your home which can save you time and costly repairs… ultimately saving you money!
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