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Mission and Pledge To You

My mission is to inform you, my client, of the true condition of your home to the best of my ability. I believe that my hands on experience in building custom homes and remodels, for over 26 years and continued education in home inspection gives me the knowledge and insight needed to provide you vital information about your home, to help you make an informed decision about your investment.

I believe that key to performing the highest quality inspection are:

A carpenter by trade, I have worked with and maintained a construction crew in the building of custom homes and custom remodels for over 26 years. I managed all phases of construction from the ground breaking to the pre-move-in inspection of all the homes we built.

The knowledge gained over the years has enabled me to be aware of most any possible issue within a home. My friends and family refer to me as “Mr. Fixit…" "Dad can fix it…" "He can fix anything...”

I have developed a skillful eye for detail. Many friends, relatives and clients say that I tend to be a perfectionist and that my eye for detail is uncanny.

“His personal service and attention to everything was way beyond what I thought it was going to be.”
Mr. & Mrs. Gardner – Homeowner

“Jon is a creative, conscientious, caring person. His attention to detail is obvious to us.”
Mr. & Mrs. Brown - Homeowner

 I hold two state contracting licenses (General B & Solar C46). I am a certified member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI).  
Prior to joining NACHI, an inspector must take and pass the NACHI Inspector Examination, one of several requirements. I am proud to say that I passed that exam and scored in a higher percentile well above the average passing grade. Please view the current examination statistics . We are also required to retake the exam on an annual basis. Unlike many other organization"s exams, which may only have one or two versions of an exam, NACHI’s exam is different every time you take it and is comprised of questions randomly taken from a pool of  2500+ questions.As a certified member of NACHI, I have promised to gain further inspection knowledge, on an annual basis, thru education sources approved by NACHI.

Many inspection services are franchised operations. In some cases, this may be fine. However, quite often, a franchised operation is very limiting and restrictive, limiting the inspector’s actions. The result can be that you, the client, may not receive 100% benefit of the inspector’s experience and knowledge. My pledge to you is to provide you 100% benefit of my experience, knowledge & eye for detail. I also pledge to be 100% honest and truthful. The condition of your home is what it is…it is “veritas”, “reality”, “the true real nature” of the condition of your home. I promise to do the very best of my ability for you as my client.

Please let me help you with your inspection needs, to save you money and inform you of the condition of your investment. Contact me now to schedule an inspection

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